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St. Augustine Wedding Planners

Looking for a Wedding Planner in St. Augustine, Florida?

Have a love for History?

The oldest city in the nation, and one of the most unique places to visit in Florida. Get married on the beach, or at one of the many historic land marks. Take a horse and carriage ride around this old Spanish city to enjoy the rich history, or choose one of the spooky ghost walks. Have dinner at one of the numerous unique taverns or bistros that line St. George street. Stay in a charming and historic bed and breakfast that line downtown. If your looking for a truly romantic setting for your wedding, elopement, or renewal, you must consider looking into a St. Augustine Wedding Planner.

Why use a St. Augustine wedding planner?

A wedding can be an incredibly scary undertaking, especially when you do not even live in the area.  Weddings are among the most beautiful, yet most stressful events we have to look forward to in our lives.  So why not invite a professional to lend a hand?  There are a plethora of things in our daily lives that we need help with. A wedding should be no exception.  It can be scary to put your special moment into someone else’s hands, but with a little research, I think you will agree that going it alone can be far more nerve racking,


Planning a wedding can take a massive amount of time.  Depending on the type of wedding you are looking to have, you may find it difficult to plan it all on your own.  With Florida being a huge destination market for weddings, it can also be very challenging to manage the plans from out of town.  Having a wedding planner is like having a personal assistant who is there to cover all the details that you may not have the time or knowledge to deal with.  It is human to fall victim to procrastination.  In what can be an extremely high-stress situation, there is little room for putting things off.   Do not waste another minute worrying about what you don’t have time to do.  Get back on track by hiring a St. Augustine wedding planner.


There are so many tricks of the trade, that as an outside to the everyday wedding world, a bride can really get lost. ¬†A wedding planner should have years of experience and the knowledge base to bring together the best flowers, photography, centerpieces, and other wedding touches. ¬†It is their job to listen to the couple and assist in making sure the bride’s desired are replicated on her most special day. ¬†Let them be the professionals they were meant to be, and give yourself a chance to enjoy the engagement.


Weddings can be an expensive undertaking, and while hiring a St. Augustine wedding planner can seem like a superfluous cost, it could save you money in the long-run.  Wedding planners have valuable connections with every central name in the business, which afford them discounts and special advantages that would not be open to just anyone.  They will also work within a budget, so as long as your eyes are not bigger than your wallet, they should be able to give you everything you desire, and perhaps a little more..  A St. Augustine wedding planner will ensure that you only receive the best at the best cost.  The volume discounts passed to successful wedding planners can easily offset their fees.

Who do we use in the St. Augustine Area?

St. Augustine Wedding Planners

Sun and Sea Beach Weddings has an outstanding track record for planning weddings, receptions, and many other events.  Their connection with the community and partnerships with local business allow for high quality work to be passed to their couples at a discounted rate.  Saving the bride time, frustration and money.  Do your homework and give Amanda a call over at Sun and Sea, they could be the St. Augustine Wedding Planners for you!



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  • What gorgeous photos. Their web site is the most beautiful one I have seen. When I called their office to inquire about an available date, they were very professional, but also fun to speak to. Boy, they really know their stuff. After looking at many websites and talking to several different companies, we chose Sun and Sea hands down. No other company out there offered exactly what they do. We are very excited now!

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