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Planning the perfect destination wedding.


How to plan the perfect destination beach wedding.


Planning the perfect beach wedding can be stress free and fun. Your first step is choosing a beautiful location on one of Florida’s pristine beaches. The Florida Beach Wedding experts have many perfect locations to choose from. They not only assist with choosing the location but are constantly thinking about making your day stress free. Permits?  No need to worry about that. they assist with any that are needed.  Dealing with the tide is another factor the planner of Florida monitor.  No one wants to have the waves crash in, disrupting their ceremony.   You don’t want your special day ruined because you didn’t consider parking, permits, or the tide washing ashore.

Don’t let the weather put a damper on your outdoor beach wedding. We encourage each couple to be prepared with a backup plan.  Tent rentals are an option for any outdoor festivity.  Having a wedding planner helps greatly when dealing with the unexpected, if it should occur.  Let them handle the weather and suggest any action that could need to take place.  Most beach weddings avoid the hassle with a simple adjustment in time.  It rains less on the beach than anywhere else.

The Florida Beach Wedding companies spend most of our days out on the beach. They can provide you with tips for the best time of day to have your ceremony. They know when lighting is best and when the temperatures are at their coolest, keeping you guests cool and comfortable.   Not all beaches are created equal and knowing the ends and outs of a certain beach is very handy when planning a beach wedding.  Some beaches have peaks and valleys that are seasonal, daily, or hourly.  Don’t try to worry yourself over these details.  Allow one of the expert Florida Beach Wedding companies recommend the best venue for your outdoor wedding or vow renewal.

Flower choices are another important factor when planning an outdoor ceremony.   Some flowers are delicate and cannot withstand the heat, humidity, wind, and salt air.  For this reason, it is recommended to select hardy flowers like roses, lilies, calla lilies and tropical flowers like bird-of-paradise and orchids.

The wedding planners and coordinators of Florida love their jobs. They love working with couples in order to choose the best package and designs.

Give one of them a call today to discuss your upcoming Beach Wedding, Elopement, or Vow Renewal.


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