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Mar 7

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How do I dress for my beach wedding?

One of the most popular questions regarding beach weddings is “What is the proper attire?”.  There are numerous things to consider when selecting the proper beach wedding clothing.

For the Ladies

It is very important to understand that on the beach there is typically a beach breeze.  So the first thing you should consider is wearing your hair up.  This is a major help with photos.  No matter how good the photographer, they can not fight the laws of physics.  If the wind is blowing, and you have your hair down, chances are your photos will be impacted.  Also, while the veil is tradition, the beach is not the tradition wedding.  My advice is to resist the urge to wear one of these.  On the beach they become something different, a kite.  Most brides that choose veils end up removing them either during the ceremony, or shortly after.  They are just not that practical in this environment.  Instead just plant those bare feet in the soft cool sand, and enjoy that beach breeze undisturbed by blowing veils and hair.

You really can not go wrong with most gowns on the beach, lots of brides will choose to go more casual for smaller elopements,  but the traditional gown is a beautiful addition to any beach wedding.  Long trains are typically not the best choice here, as they tend to pick up pieces of mother nature.  Normal bridesmaids dresses work just fine on the beach, consider the time of year when determining the cut.

For the Men

Being a man myself, I know just how important it is the have the guys dressed in the proper attire.  Even though you might have always dreamed of a formal wedding, please ladies so not make your men wear suits in July.  Linens shirts and pants are the perfect choice for summer weddings for men.  This attire fits the beach theme and allows us men to enjoy the event during the most popular beach weddings months – May-July.  If you are wanting a more formal event, consider the fall or early spring.  The winter is often a great choice for nice cool weather, dry temperatures, and private beaches.

Another thing to consider for the men is boutonnieres.  If your attire is beach casual, traditional floral are not the best choice.  These boutonnieres are made best for suits and thicker jackets.  There are many Florida beach wedding companies like Sun and Sea Beach Weddings, out of St. Augustine, that offer starfish and shell boutonnieres.  These options are light weight and lay better on linen attire.

Having a beach wedding is meant to be fun and stress-free!  Take some of these quick tips and come on down to Florida for a simple elopement or a festive celebration.

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