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Choosing Your Beach

Now that you have decided to have a Florida beach wedding, you need to choose which beach is
right for you. That’s right. You have more choices to make. The location of your beach wedding
can be an overwhelming decision, but consider this: If you can narrow down your choices based
on what type of beach you want to be on, then your planning can be made that much easier.

Start by narrowing down the feel of the sand. If you think that’s a mundane detail, then think
again. You and your loved one, plus any family and friends, will be spending some quality time
with the beach of your choosing. Consider how it will look and feel.

White beach sand can make for a pleasant stroll, hand in hand, toward the sunset. This sand is
soft, very white, and fluffy. The pluses of this and are its comfort level between your toes and
the clean palette appearance. The cons include the blinding factor, especially if your wedding is
before sunset and its weightlessness because it’s easily dispersed in the wind. Many Northwest
Florida beaches have this angelic, lofty sand.

Also on the Gulf coast are the amazing beaches of the Tampa area. These beaches have soft
quartz sand that is also white. It too is angelic in nature since it is powder fine. Again, this sand
makes for heavenly photographs, but it may blow too easily in high wind. It is relatively easy to
walk through, although it does hold its heat quite well.

If you are looking for a more traditional beach color, then you want to find a beach with the
brown sand. This sand is a mixture of fragmented shells and quartz. The color offers a beautiful
contrast to any set up and will hold a heart shape quite well. This sand is not as powder fine, but
offers some grip to those barefoot brides and grooms. Northeast Florida offers this sand variation
along most of the coast.

The first time you see orange sand may be a bit of a shock. The orange color comes from the
coquina shells that are mixed with the quartz. Its appearance is as unique as your beach wedding
and makes for lovely photographs. It’s a lot of fun for your guest and the kids to see the beautiful
shell fragments throughout the beach. The plus of this sand is its uniqueness. However, be
forewarned that it can be a bit uncomfortable to walk on for those with sensitive soles.

Any sand can be challenging to tackle for those who are unfamiliar with its terrain. Simply take
a few strolls on your chosen beach before the big day to become acquainted with its texture.
Once you have chosen the sand texture and appearance that you and your partner are comfortable
with, planning the rest of your destination wedding will be a piece of cake, literally.

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