Choosing Your Beach

Apr 4

Now that you have decided to have a Florida beach wedding, you need to choose which beach is right for you. That’s right. You have more choices to make. The location of your beach wedding can be an overwhelming decision, but consider this: If you can narrow down your choices... Read More»

St. Augustine Wedding Planners

Come to visit St. Augustine, Florida.
Feb 4

Looking for a Wedding Planner in St. Augustine, Florida? Have a love for History? The oldest city in the nation, and one of the most unique places to visit in Florida. Get married on the beach, or at one of the many historic land marks. Take a horse and carriage... Read More»

Florida Elopements

Florida Beach Elopement Packages
Feb 4

Why Elope? Are you looking for a simple recipe to get married? Consider Florida to elope! Eloping isn’t for everyone, yet choosing a simple Florida beach wedding will free you from an immense amount of organizational stress. Imagine taking your vows in a vacation-like setting, saying “I do” quickly so... Read More»