How to get Quality Wedding Prints.

Dec 7

Congratulations! You’ve made the awesome decision to invest in a professional photographer to capture your portrait and memories! You’ve been searching all around and finally found one that best suits the style and quality you have been looking for. You understand that you are hiring this professional to create art for you,... Read More»

Wedding and Event Rentals

St. Augustine and Jacksonville Wedding and Event Rentals
Sep 25

Our event rentals are a great addition to any wedding, reception, or event. We provide tents, tables, chairs, linens, custom lighting, and dance floors that will enhance your event and awe your guests. Our pricing includes set-up and break-down. Tents A tent is a great option to provide shade for... Read More»

Florida Beach Weddings

Florida Beach Wedding Packages
Sep 17

Looking for a Florida Beach Wedding Company? If you have decided that a Florida Beach Wedding is for you, then you might be overwhelmed by the shear number of options.  There are many things to consider when looking at a Florida Beach Wedding company.  The writers of Florida Weddings and... Read More»

Choosing Your Beach

Apr 4

Now that you have decided to have a Florida beach wedding, you need to choose which beach is right for you. That’s right. You have more choices to make. The location of your beach wedding can be an overwhelming decision, but consider this: If you can narrow down your choices... Read More»

How do I dress for my beach wedding?

Beautiful Beach Ceremony Packages
Mar 7

One of the most popular questions regarding beach weddings is “What is the proper attire?”.  There are numerous things to consider when selecting the proper beach wedding clothing. For the Ladies It is very important to understand that on the beach there is typically a beach breeze.  So the first... Read More»

Mari Sabra Photography

Photography of a Florida Beach wedding
Feb 6

Most of us go through life trying to identify with who and what we are.  We attempt success at this hobby or that, without ever being able to achieve a mastery of the art.  However, there are some of us that are born with an innate ability and are drawn... Read More»

Bohemian Beach

Bohemian Beach Wedding Trends
Feb 4

When planning a beach wedding you might want to check out the current popular trends.  The Bohemian style is a fun and free-flowing look for a bride that wants to create an earthy and organic look.  It helps to have a centralized theme to your decor and style.  A great... Read More»